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Al-Quds University has become one of the foremost forums to address global challenges

Prominent International expert lectures on climate change

JERUSALEM | Al-Quds University held on Tuesday, March 20, a public lecture on climate change presented by a renowned Indian expert. Professor Chirag Dhara’s lecture, attended by both academics and students, highlighted  the impacting effects of climate change on international economic policies, property rights and natural resources management, and the health conditions of both individuals and communities.

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A research team from the Al-Quds University succeeds in increasing the validity life of milk and its products naturally

In a qualitative discovery that will lead to economic returns on the dairy industry, a team of researchers at Al-Quds University have developed a mechanism aimed at increasing the validity of dairy products for several months without the need to introduce any of the chemicals that have side effects, and even enhance the nutritional benefits inherent in these products, such as fighting aging and strengthen the immunity of the body to diseases in general, through the adoption of natural materials extracted from milk cows and extracts of olive leaves.

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