Research Centers

Biodiversity Centre

History background: Scientific activities on biodiversity began in mid 90s of the past century with climax of biodiversity centre being established in 2000. Experts, scientists, staff and students were involved actively to conduct essential procedures and projects to combat the effect of degradation of Palestinian biodiversity due to many threats and dangers and to contribute for conservation of nature at global level. In general the status of biodiversity in Palestine is evaluated as critical and needs urgent measures for conservation.

Location: Faculty of Sciences and Technology/Third Floor (ST210)

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Center for Chemical and Biological Analysis

About the Center

The center was established in 1999 to implement the vision of Al-Quds University in supporting scientific research in the areas of agriculture, industry, and environment along with serving the Palestinian community in the area of chemical and biological analysis of water samples, wastewater, soil for agricultural and environmental purposes, and to insure food products quality and health safety.

Status: Closed.

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Center for Radiation Science and Technology


Work in the field of radiation at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, started in the year 1998. The Department started to develop its academic program to offer theoretical and practical knowledge about radiation sciences. New courses on radiation sciences and technology have been offered and new equipment’s for research and academic were provided.

Location: Faculty of Sciences and Technology/ Third Floor (ST218).

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Genetic & Metabolic Diseases Center

Affiliation:  Medical School

Status: Closed

Director:  Samir A. Khatib, 

  • BSc Biochemistry, Liverpool University, Liverpool, England, 1979
  • PhD Biochemistry, Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA, 1987
  • Director, Medical Technology Department, Alquds University, 1987-1994
  • Organizer, External Quality Assessment Program for clinical labs, Alquds University, 1993-4
  • Director of Labs and Blood Banks, Palestinian Ministry of Health, 1994-1995
  • Director, National Blood Transfusion Services, Palestine Red Crescent Society, 2005-9
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation Awards, New York, USA, 2007 and 2008
  • Consultant, National Food Safety Initiative, Palestinian Authority, 2009-2010
  • Memberships:  American Association for Clinical Chemistry AACC
  • American Society for Clinical Pathology ASCP
  • International Society for Blood Transfusion ISBT
  • European Society for Human Genetics ESHG
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