Two AQU Researchers Talk about Science Under Occupation!

The journalist science writer for the Quebec Science magazine, Ms. Melissa Guillemette, visited Palestine (19-29 November 2019),  the Quebec Science Magazine Published feature-length coverage in its March edition Under the headline: “Science in the occupied Palestinian territories”,

The 2030 Vision of Mental Well-Being in Palestine: A New Project by the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative in Alliance with APIC
Al-Quds University holds its second annual conference of undergraduate research

JERUSALEM | Al-Quds University recently held its second annual conference of undergraduate research which is intended to foster the research skills of Palestinian undergraduate students and promote domestic scientific production to help meet the pressing needs of the Palestinian community.

Ceremony of Students’ Research Clubs inauguration highlights plans for promoting applicable researches

JERUSALEM | Under the patronage of President Professor Imad Abu Kishek,  Al-Quds University celebrated the inauguration of  its recently launched Students’  Research Clubs, an initiative  dedicated to engage students into the university’s scientific research effort.

Al-Quds University takes another leap towards global excellence

Dr. Herzallah’s membership in the Lancet Commission on Mental Health expected to contribute to meeting mental health needs worldwid

Jerusalem | Dr. Mohammad Herzallah, faculty member and  founder and director of the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative at Al-Quds University, was selected among 30 scientists to formulate a comprehensive scientific report for the Lancet as a part of its Commission on Global Mental Health.

Al-Quds University wins scholarship to recruit international experts, part of fellowship program

JERUSALEM | Al-Quds University is preparing to host a team of international experts from Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) in August, 2018, to hold an on campus intensive training workshop in academic and research writing. The university won the fellowship scholarship after competing for it in its seventh round. Funded by the Kuwait-based Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the fellowship program is the first of its kind at the national level and is managed by Taawon Foundation in partnership with the Bank of Palestine.

What’s New

In Palestine, Science Struggles Against All ODDS: A Nature Report
Al-Quds University and Georgia Tech collaborate closely to make Palestine a ‘household name’ in scientific research
Al-Quds University launches what it names Undergraduate Scientific Research Clubs

JERUSALEM | During a joint meeting organized by the Deanships of both Scientific Research and Students’ Affairs, Al- Quds University launched the "Undergraduate Scientific Research Clubs", as an endeavor to foster students' research skills. Students from various academic majors were invited to attend the informative session which aimed to promote scientific research and give students, who are considered an integral part of the academic process and research effort, the opportunity to contribute to this scientific endeavor.


To foster and expand student research at Al-Quds University by:

  • Increasing the number of students from all disciplines that participate in research,
  • Increasing the number of publications and presentations from research,
  • Ensuring content/skill mastery while promoting interdisciplinary socialization.
  • Students may have the opportunity to receive academic credit for completing supervised research or creative work.
2017 AQU Research Awards

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Student Research Program

The vision of the program is ti making research a major component of the undergraduate educational experience.

The mission of the program is to facilitate and increase student research as a means of engaged learning, critical thinking, and the creation of knowledge.


Research Labs and Centers

Al-Quds University Research Centers and laboratories are specialized entities that encourage partnerships among various disciplines at AQU, as well as with other educational institutions, private enterprises and government agencies.  AQU has 13 specialized labs and 5 multidisciplinary research centers that reflect the strategic growth in the university’s research enterprise.

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AQU Scientific Research Council

The Scientific Research Council is an advisory body is established in accordance with the vision and mission of Al-Quds University to promote and facilitate an active research environment among faculty and students. The counsel’s main responsibility is to ensure coordination, guidance and knowledge transfer of scientific research and innovation in the different colleges and institutions of Al-Quds University.


Scientific Research Production Assessment

Is an advisory body to the Deanship of Scientific Research appointed by the president of Al-Quds University. The committee evaluates AQU research production for annual research awards and helps in scientific journals credibility and reputation assessment


AQU Researchers' Profiles: Researchers by Faculty
AQU Researchers' Profiles: Research Groups Network

Research Groups Network is a network of research clusters. AQU Research Clusters are formally recognized groups of researchers whose research expertise are applied either to a common area, field, or theme, or who are involved in a collaborative research project, or set of related projects. Research clusters normally include senior and junior faculty, graduate students and sometimes undergraduate students.


Training Resources

Training materials/resources include a mix of curriculum materials, speaking presentations with notes, and activity guides.


Research Funding Opportunities

Research Funding Opportunities. (Click here...)

Research Projects Incentive System

Research Projects Incentive System. (Click here...)

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Al Quds University launches the first digital media and communication research f...

Al Quds University launches the first digital media and communication research forum

Al Quds University launched the first digital media and communication research forum as part of the Master's program "Digital Media and Communication", entitled "Life 3.0...

Dr. Elham Kateeb, The Dean of Scientific Research at Al-Quds University is selec...

Dr. Elham Kateeb, The Dean of Scientific Research at Al-Quds University is selected as a member of the Palestinian Medical Council

Dr.Elham Kateeb, The Dean of Scientific Research at Al-Quds University, received the trust of the Palestinian Medical Council. As a result of that, the authority’s board...

The Deanship of Scientific Research organized a workshop for students research c...

The Deanship of Scientific Research organized a workshop for students research clubs

A workshop for students research club was organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Quds University in cooperation with the...

Al-Quds University honors researcher students at the Faculty of Human Medicine

Al-Quds University honors researcher students at the Faculty of Human Medicine

“Research students and those who supported them” were honored by Al- Quds university in collaboration with the Deanship of Scientific Research and The Scientific Research...

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The main missions of any university are education and research; thus, preparing well trained, well-educated, skillful graduates who can serve their local and global community and compete with graduates from all over the world for the best work opportunities should be the main goal of Al-Quds University.  Evidence-based education is an approach to all aspects of education—from policy-making to classroom practice—where the methods used are based on significant and reliable evidence derived from experiments and credible research. Read More...
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