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Al-Quds University Hosts Lecture on Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT's Impact on Higher Education and Research

Al-Quds University's College of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Dean of Scientific Research, organized a lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and ChatGPT and their applications in higher education and scientific research. The lecture was virtually delivered by Associate Professor Dr. Raed Al-Zughol via the Zoom platform.

The session included a presentation on the concept of Artificial Intelligence, its various types, and its applications in different knowledge and industrial fields. It was followed by a detailed demonstration of the ChatGPT chatbot, which relies on Large Language Models and Generative AI techniques.

The lecture aimed to provide the university's faculty members and researchers with an introduction to Artificial Intelligence, its types, and its various applications, with a particular focus on chatbots that utilize large language models, with ChatGPT being the most famous example.

Dr. Al-Zughol discussed several uses of this model as an assistant or "personal advisor" for university lecturers and researchers. These uses include assisting lecturers in preparing educational content, helping with question formulation and evaluation, contributing to syllabus development, generating creative ideas and instructional design, writing case studies, aiding in academic writing, assisting in source research, helping in writing and reviewing scientific articles, and more.

Regarding the session, Dr. Al-Zughol stated, "Many researchers and those interested in the academic and scientific research field believe that this technological revolution in Generative AI techniques will bring about fundamental and continuous change (Game Changer), and its impact will strengthen and persist over time. Hence, the importance of this lecture in keeping up with the latest developments in this field."

The meeting was moderated by the Dean of Scientific Research, Dr.  Elham Kateeb , and attended by more than 90 lecturers, researchers, and interested individuals from within and outside the university. Dr. Kateeb added some important insights about the use of AI in research and the ethical issues related to this use. The Webinar included several segments that allowed the audience to ask questions and engage in discussions.

It is worth mentioning that ChatGPT is one of the modern AI tools that was launched over six months ago, and it has brought about a revolution in many knowledge domains, especially higher education and scientific research.

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