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Al-Quds University participates in the 3rd Annual Academic Network for Development Dialogue Meeting on Sustainable Development Integration

Al-Quds University participated in the third annual meeting of the Academic Network for Development Dialogue(ANDD), which it chaired this year, under the theme "Success Stories in Integrating Sustainable Development Goals in Education, Research, and Practice" in Doha, Qatar.

The Dean of Scientific Research at Al-Quds University, Dr. Elham Kateeb, Dean of the Dual Studies College, Dr. Issam Ishaq, as well as the Director of the Professional Development Center, Dr. Ahmed Ayad, attended the meeting along with researchers and academics from several Arab universities and institutions.

The meeting addressed important topics related to the development dialogue between United Nations organizations, academic institutions, and research institutions in the West Asia region. It included the participation of postgraduate students and researchers from Qatar and other countries who shared their experiences and research expertise.

In her speech at the meeting, Dr. Kateeb stated, "Jerusalem faces numerous challenges, but we strive with all our determination and capabilities to achieve sustainable development. The holding of this meeting reflects our awareness of the distinctive role that Arab countries can play in promoting sustainable development, which is what we aspire to."

She emphasized that despite the challenges and difficulties faced by academics in Palestine, they are committed to actively contributing to the implementation of sustainable development goals. She called on the participants to work together to make the Arab region a source of hope and progress.

Dr. Issam Ishaq spoke about the experience of the Al-Quds University in the Dual Studies program, which has proven to be successful and unique in Palestine and the Middle East. He highlighted several success stories of program students, while the participants praised the program's content, which is based on practical training and enhances the students' abilities and skills.

Dr. Ahmed Ayad emphasized the importance of the Professional Development Center in building students' capacities in line with the goals of sustainable development. He explained that the center opens up employment opportunities for students and reduces unemployment by focusing on practical training.

The organizers also discussed several issues during the meeting, including upcoming activities to be held throughout the year. They also discussed administrative matters concerning the network and made proposals regarding the university to be selected as the chair for the next meeting.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Quds University is one of the founding members of the Academic Network and has been entrusted with chairing the network this year. The network aims to utilize academic expertise and scientific findings to support progress towards sustainable development at the national and regional levels in the Arab world. It promotes intellectual and knowledge exchange between academic and research institutions and the United Nations system to enhance academic experience and scientific results in support of development goals in the region.

Its activities focus on launching research papers within the framework of sustainable development, finding solutions to problems, and building capacities in collaboration with universities that are dedicated to scientific research and joint research projects among the countries in the region.

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