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Launch of Pediatric Medicine Research Initiative at Al-Quds University

The Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative at Al-Quds University organized a meeting for the "Pediatric Medicine Research Initiative" under the auspices of the Deanship of Scientific Research, in the presence of Dr. Nicholas Theodore, a neurosurgeon and researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and medical students from Al-Quds University and Stanford.

The initiative aimed at developing and improving healthcare services in Palestine by enhancing research capabilities in the field of pediatric medicine. Dr. Theodore delivered a lecture on global health, social aspects of the medical profession, social responsibility, and how to employ them in serving the community.

According to Dr. Elham Kateeb, the Dean of Scientific Research, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the development of research infrastructure and capacity building in the field of pediatric medicine and related research, with a focus on working in research groups. This reflects the university's strategy of launching and supporting student clubs and promoting their progress.

Dr. Kateeb emphasized that scientific research is the driving force of education at Al-Quds University. Therefore, the university works to support students in their research initiatives through various means, bringing in initiatives from inside and outside to enrich their ideas on various levels. She pointed out that this initiative embodies the power of research collaboration by bringing together multiple student and research groups and engaging their members in working together.

Dr. Ruaa Al-Rimawi, a recent graduate from AQU,  stated that this initiative aims to enhance the research achievements in pediatric medicine in Palestine, improve healthcare services, and enhance the performance of professionals in the field through collaborative work with students involved in medical and health research. It is part of the research and student bodies sponsored by Al-Quds University, seeking to create collaborative opportunities among them to maximize their work and objectives. This is what the meeting aimed to achieve by creating a suitable environment for integrating these groups together.

It is worth mentioning that student research output in bachelor's degree programs at Al-Quds University accounts for more than 15% of the university's total research output, in addition to 30% of recent graduates who are still members of the university's student bodies. This reflects the vision of the university, which provides exceptional opportunities for students to participate in international conferences and publish in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, allocating an integrated budget to support scientific research and research clubs.

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