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Al-Quds University won the "Excellence Award in Scientific Publishing"

Al-Quds University won second and third places in the "Excellence Award in Scientific Publishing". The winners were honored at the "Palestine Islamic Bank Scientific Research 2019" award ceremony.

Dr. Maha Al-Saman earned the second place for her research, entitle " The production of colonial temporal patterns in East Jerusalem". The research was published in the Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies.

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Al-Quds University wins 2019 Green Building Scientific Research Award

In another achievement at the regional level, Al Quds University (AQU) won the Green Building Award at the 2019 Middle East and North Africa Competition.

The announcement of this achievement was made by the Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) in Dubai, according to which Al-Quds University wins in recognition for a study carried out by Nour Sa’id, from the Master program of Renewable Energy, under the supervision of Dr. Hussain Samamreh.

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Inspiring success stories of Al-Quds University medical graduates | Alumnus joins University of Florida as professor of Medicine and clinical trainer

JERUSALEM | Al-Quds University’s well-prepared medical graduates keep on with their success stories not only within Palestine but also abroad. The many contributions of the medical collages’ graduates to world academia and scientific research as well as to the domestic health sector demonstrate amazing medical education efficiency.

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AQU joins Palestinian Ministry of Health in highlighting the genetic and environmental risk factors of colorectal cancer

JERUSALEM | In a workshop held recently at Al-Quds University (AQU) to discuss the results of a study on the genetic and environmental risk factors of colorectal cancer in the Palestinian context, a joint research team from AQU and the Palestinian Ministry of Health explored the potentials for developing a mechanism that would contribute to the treatment and/or prevention of the fatal infection.

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AQU faculty continue to share secrets of successful applications for graduate programs with students

JERUSALEM | In Collaboration with the Dentistry students’ research club , the Deanship of Scientific Research at Al-Quds University recently held a scientific session to educate the students on how to accomplish successful applications for graduate programs. Dr. Mohammad Sharie’ah highlighted the specifications of the applicant’s statement of purpose that are usually highly-appreciated by universities and study centers.

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