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The Scientific Research Club launches a recycling initiative

Cleanliness-Conscious" initiative was launched by The Scientific Research Club at The Faculty of Science & Technology in cooperation with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. The initial plan of the initiative was presented and followed by a tour to the locations of the university’s recycling bins around campus.

The launch was held in the presence of Rabah Jabr -The Presidential Advisor of the Association, Nadim Awad and Iman Dar Al-Deek - Representatives of the Youth and Volunteers Department, Ismail Abu Ziyad - Volunteer Coordinator, Frank Rooney-The Dutch Red Cross delegate. In addition to Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Hajj- Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Hajj, D. Elham Kateeb-Dean of Scientific Research, and Dr. Muhannad Qurei,from the Faculty of Science and Technology. 

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