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Al-Quds University Participation in Palestinian German Science Bridge (PGSB) Research Clusters

The Advisory Committee of Palestinian German Science Bridge PGSB has accepted six research clusters as part of the Palestinian-Germen collaboration. These clusters involve a two-way partnership between scientists from two or more Palestinian universities and scientists from Juelich Research Center (FZJ). To achieve the overall aim of building a scientific infrastructure in Palestine.

Three of the accepted research clusters involved scientists from Al-Quds University including:

  1. Dr. Mohammad M. Herzallah and Dr. Hussein AlMasri, both are principal investigators(PIs) of The Neuroscience Research Cluster for the investigation of psychiatric disorders.
  2. Prof. Fuad Al-Rimawi is a PI of The Structural Biology Cluster,  Chromatographic Separation Techniques, Natural Products.
  3. Dr.Amer Kanan is a contributing member  of  Closing Nutrient Cycles for Agricultural Sustainability: Wastewater to Algae to Soil to Plant research cluster.
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