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The artist Dalal Abu Amna announces the details of the initiative "Nour" at Al-Quds University

Dalal Abu Amna, a Palestinian artist, announced the details of the initiative "Nour"; to support scientific research in Palestine, specifically at Al-Quds University.  She announced that during a joint conference including “Al Quds University” and “The Palestinian Ministry of Culture”. Which was held at “Edward Said Institute of Music” in Ramallah.

The conference talked about the launch date of her new album "Nour" in Jerusalem, as part of the closing events of "Jerusalem, Capital of Islamic Culture" ceremony, and how the proceeds of the ceremony will support the initiative.

The conference was attended by Prof.D. Hassan Dweik, CEO of Al-Quds University, Prof. Raed Fares, Director of arts at the Palestinian Ministry of Culture. Also, The artist Kanan Abu Afsh, the composer of the album, and Dr. Mohammed Herzallah, founder and director of the Palestinian Initiative for Neuroscience at Al-Quds University. Both “Abu Afsh and Herzallah” participated through visual communication technology. And  Mustafa Kablawi moderated the conference.

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