Research Ethics Committee


WHY IS ETHICAL APPROVAL REQUIRED: Ethical approval is crucial to help:

  • Protect the welfare, rights, dignity and safety of research participants (The researcher will not be covered by the University's insurance if ethical approval was not obtained prior to commencement).
  • Protect researchers’ rights to conduct legitimate investigations.
  • Protect Al-Quds University reputation for research conducted and sponsored by it.
  • Minimize the potential for claims of negligence made against any individual researcher and the University.

What are the Accepted Ethical Standards

There are a number of ethical standards that have been accepted in which all researchers and ethical committees are expected to comply with:

  • Informed consent: All participants must be fully informed of the study, including the potential risks/benefits and exclusion criteria, in order to make a fully informed decision about whether or not to participate in the research
  • Benefit not harm
  • Confidentiality: All participants have the right for their participation to remain confidential in that only the researcher will be aware who has participated
  • Respect: Respecting the culture, gender, background, ethnicity, conditions and differences are of utmost important standards to ensure equality, justice, equity and objectivity of the research.
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