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Dr. Suheir Ereqat / Chair


Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Suheir Ereqat is an associate professor at Al-Quds University, Faculty of Medicine, Abu Dis. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University in the year 2013. Her  research interests  focused  on  using/  developing  of  molecular techniques  for  diagnosis  of  infectious  diseases  and  study  the molecular epidemiology of these diseases with special focus on analysis of molecular sequences, sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree building.  Also, her research extended to identification of genetic polymorphisms that influence human susceptibility to metabolic diseases (i.e T2DM), genetic association studies and gene analysis. She has more than 40 peer-reviewed publication with H index of 18.

Dr. Hadeel Halaweh

Health Professions

Dr. Hadeel Halaweh holds a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from the University of Gothenburg /Sweden. She joined Al-Quds University in 2001; currently, she works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Health Professions/Physiotherapy department. She is a mentor and consultant in the health care and rehabilitation sciences disciplines at both academic and professional levels. She has served as the head of the department and a coordinator of the Master's program. She teaches several theoretical, practical, and research courses at the bachelor's and master's levels.

Dr. Hadeel's research interests focus on the areas of health care, physical activity, neuro-rehabilitation, aging and gerontology, and health-related quality of life; her recent publications have comprised both quantitative and qualitative research studies. She is a reviewer for several distinguished journals including Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, PLoS ONE, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Age & Ageing, Disability and Rehabilitation, BMC Geriatrics, Experimental Aging Research, and others.

Dr. Nuha AlSharif

Public Health

Dr. Nuha El Sharif is an associate professor at Al-Quds University, Faculty of Public Health, Abu Dis Campus since 1998. She received her Ph.D. in Medical Sciences/epidemiology from the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven (KULeuven) in Belgium in the year 2003.  She became an associate professor of Public Health in the year 2009.  She is a biologist and medical technologist and has a master of Public Health from the Hebrew University.

Dr. El Sharif is the coordinator of Master of Public Health for many years. She instructs many academic courses, in particular, those related to Health Research.  Her research field of interest is Non-communicable diseases epidemiology, Environmental Health, Child Health, and others.  She had published many studies in Asthma Epidemiology and management, Allergy and Atopy Epidemiology, Diabetes epidemiology and management, Lead exposure, Children Health assessment, Cancer Epidemiology, and others.

She is a reviewer for several international peer-reviewed journals such as the European Respiratory Journal, Diabetes Care, Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health and others.

She is/was a consultant for several governmental and international agencies such as the USAID, World Bank, UNDCO, WHO, World Vision, and others.  Most work was in the field of epidemiology, research design and data analysis. She runs several projects on refugee camps health, landfill health assessment, Timed and Targeted Counseling for Mothers and Children, Lead exposure and others.

Dr. Maher Khdour


Dr. Khdour received his BSc. In Pharmaceutical sciences at the University of AL-ISRA. Jordan. After completing his BSc in 1997, Dr. Khdour pursued a Master degree in clinical Pharmacy at the University of London 2003. He returned back and contribute in establishment of Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Quds University, Jerusalem.  After that he pursued a PhD degree in clinical Pharmacy at Queen’s University, UK. He graduated in 2008, receiving numerous national and provincial scholarships like, NI Chest, Heart and Stroke, UK.

Dr. Khdour worked with Professor James McElnay the Pro-vice Chancellor of Queen’s university- UK for 8 years in Chronic disease management like asthma, COPD and Diabetes. He worked and published his work in clinical research area of prevention medication errors and drug related problems in hospitals, off-label medication in pediatric population and Pharmaceutical care Practice. Last 2 years he got extensive training in Antimicrobial Stewardship program and cycling antibiotic at hospital wards. And he applied this experience at the Palestinian Medical Complex in Ramallah.

Dr. Khdour has published 38 peer-reviewed papers in international peer reviewed journals. He has also presented and published over 20 abstracts at international and national scientific conferences. Dr. Khdour has received various competitive grants as principal investigator from the Palestinian American research Council and Zamaleh program supported by Welfare associate, Palestine. Finally He got the best research prize by The British Academy of Medical Sciences in Nov, 2016.

Dr. Moanad Aker



  • Specialized training in Orthodontic, Eastman Dental Hospital,UK
  • MSc Orthodontics, University College of London

Professional experience:

  • Head of Orthodontic and paediatric Dentistry Department
  • Assistant Dean , Alquds University
  • Head of Orthodontic and Paedodontic Department, Alquds University
  • Consultant orthodontist at the Hayat Medical Centre, Jerusalem
  • Assistant Dean
  • Founded and headed the department of orthodontics , Alquds University
  • Al–Quds University JerusalemAbu– Dees, Assistant Prof. Faculty of Dentistry
  • Private Clinic RamallahJerusalem
  • Chief Dentist at the Palestine Red Crescent Society


  • Effect of Palatal Surgery on the growth of the posterior part of Maxilla in unilateral cleft lip and palate (CLP) patients.
  • Cephalometric norms in the Palestinian population.
  • Prevalence of CLP amongst the Palestinian population.
  • Effect of Israeli occupation on the Dental health in Palestine
  • Prevalence of missing laterals incisors amongst the Palestinian society and its management

Prof. Khawlah Kamheieh

Science and Technology

Khawla Qamhieh is a Professor in Physics, she received her B.Sc. in physics, from the Jordan University, and her Ph.D. in theoretical physics, from Clarkson University, USA, 1990. She has received DAAD award 2006, in Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Science (FIAS) in Germany, and a Fulbright scholarship to conduct research at University of Houston, in USA, 2006. She has been a visiting professor at Lund university in Sweden since 2003. She received Arab Fund Fellowship (AFF) award 2014 to conduct research during the sabbatical year in Lund University in Sweden.  She has published many peer-reviewed articles covering the interparticle interactions in colloidal systems, and developed a theoretical model for the complexation of DNA with dendrimer which is important in Gene therapy.

Research interests

  • Interparticle interactions in colloidal system
  • Computer simulation of colloidal suspensions.
  • Eloctrostatics in colloidal suspensions.
  • Structure and dynamics of charged colloid.
  • Microemulsion Phase behavior.
  • Stability and thermodynamics of DNA structures in solution and on surfaces both dielectric and metallic.
  • Interactions between DNA and cationic dendrimers.

Dr. Salam khatib

Public Health

Salam khatib is Assistant Professor of Mental Health Nursing at Al-Quds University. She received her Ph.D in mental health from Manchester University in 2012. In her current role, she is the director of Nursing department/ AlQuds University. She had intensive training in qualitative research from University of Manchester in 2011 and in survey method in 2010. She is interested in researching issues related to gender based violence. Her research interests are focused in different areas: (a) honor killing, (b) violence against women, (c) family planning, (d) Type 1 diabetes among children (e) Congenital heart disease among children and stress and burn out among oncology nurses. She has an interest in qualitative research such as grounded theory, thematic analysis and content analysis.  However, she has also been committed to using several different research methods in her work such as experimental studies and cross sectional studies.


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