Research Ethics Committee

How to Apply

Criteria for submission

The REC will accept  to review applications that meet at least one of the following:

Any experiment or procedure which falls within one or more of the following categories must be referred to the REC or the relevant sub-committee for consideration and ethical opinion:

  1. Procedures involving any risk to a participant’s health and safety (for example intrusive physiological or psychological procedures).
  2. Research involving the use of animals.
  3. Research involving the donation of bodily material, organs and the recently deceased.
  4.  Surveys, questionnaires and any research, the nature of which might be offensive, distressing or deeply personal for the particular target group.
  5. Proposals wishing to use children under the age of 18 and those  who are unable to give informed consent (e.g. people with learning disabilities).
  6. Research proposals to be carried out by persons unconnected with the University, but wishing to use staff and/or students as participants.
  7. Research involving access to records of personal or sensitive confidential information, including health, genetic or other biological information, concerning identifiable individuals.
  8. Research where the safety of the researcher may be in question.
  9. Proposals which require participants to take part in the study without their knowledge and consent at the time.
  10. Research involving prisoners or young offenders.

Application documents

In order to submit an application please read and review the following:

  • The code of good practice [word] [PDF]
  • Application check list  [word] [PDF]
  • Application form [word] [PDF]  [Sample application form]

To apply:

  1. Download and fill the application form
  2. Upload the application and send it

Application procedure

  • Fill in the needed forms and submit online.
  • Sign the signature form: if you have an electronic signature please submit online, otherwise sign the form by all partners and send a hard copy to the REC office.
  • Applications will be discussed in the monthly REC meeting after submitting your application.
  • Response  to applications will be within two weeks of submission.
  • In case there is a need  for further review,  response  may require more than two weeks and you’ll be notified.
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