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Medical Students at Al-Quds University showcase their research projects at the Medical Research Student Club Annual Summit

The Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University held the second conference of the Scientific Research Club, "The 2nd MRC Summit," where members of the club, including students and graduates, presented their 17 research projects. The conference was attended by the university president, academic and administrative staff, and members of the club.

The university aims to create a research-based university and has dedicated a part of its budget to supporting scientific research and research clubs. 30% of the university's research is produced by students, and the university hopes that all of its students will have the ability to write and publish in reputable journals.

The university also partners with hospitals, including the French Hospital, to create outstanding student wings for training and research. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to obtain specialization year in German hospitals in cooperation with the Friends of Al-Quds University Association. The Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Elham Kateeb , pointed out that 21% of the university's research production is led by students, an achievement that demonstrates the students' capacity for building systematic research capacities and groups. Finally, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Hani Abdeen, emphasized the faculty's commitment to communicating with students and supporting their research activities.

The students presented four videos on medical topics, including a report on "Uniportal VATS" for removing a cervical mass through the airway by Ayah Sayegh, Bayan Awaisat, and Reem Alawna. In the second section, they gave four oral presentations, one of which was a sectional study on kidney dialysis patients and their iron status by Raba Salama, Bayan Alqattishat, and Hussein Hallaq. In addition, they presented nine research publications on surgery, cancer, diagnosis, and other topics.

It is worth mentioning that the Scientific Research Club at the Faculty of Medicine offers more than 15 research opportunities annually. It trains its members and supports them in conducting high-quality research and publishing it in prestigious international journals. The club was established in 2018 as part of the Deanship of Scientific Research and Student Affairs' initiative to create research clubs affiliated with the university's colleges. Today, it has around 100 members, including students and graduates of the college, under the supervision of the Faculty of Medicine, the Deanship of Scientific Research, and the administrative body.

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