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AQU, Temple University agree to launch academic and research cooperation

The President of Al-Quds University (AQ), Professor Imad Abu Kishek, hosted the President of Temple University, Professor Jason Wingard, and his accompanying delegation over a breakfast meeting to discuss bilateral academic and research cooperation, with particular focus on the areas of information technology and employment of graduates.

Professor Abu Kishek presented an overview about the history of AQU and the programs it offers, mainly the Dual Studies program that combines theoretical education with practical field-training to bridge the gap between academic education and the labor market. Abu Kishek also cited Al-Quds Bard College as an example of academic partnership between AQU and American high education institutions. The university president expressed his ambition to expand cooperation with American universities at all levels.

Professor Jason Wingard, for his part, presented a brief overview about Temple University and its various colleges and programs, pointing to the importance of launching cooperation with AQU.

The two parties signed a cooperation agreement which provides for launching cooperation in the area of students mobility between the faculties of dentistry of the both universities as off July 2022.

The meeting, held in Ramallah, was attended by AQU’s executive vice president, vice president for planning and development, and dean of scientific research.

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