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A research proposalfrom Al-Quds University has been selectedas part of the Al-Maqdisi 2020-2022 program

A research team from Al-Quds University has received the Al-Maqdisi program 2020-2022 grantto support a research project aiming at the discovery of new genes involved in familial Mediterranean fever (FMF). This research project,which extends over a period of two years,will be coordinated by Dr. Fawaz Awad and Dr Zaidoun Salah from Al-Quds University, and Professor Sonia Karabina and Dr. Irina Giurgea from the Sorbonne University in France.The project will also be conducted in collaboration with a number of medical specialists in Palestine.

Dr. Awad, anAssistant Professor of human genetics at the faculty of medicine, indicated that FMF is one of themost common inheriteddisorders in Palestine. However, FMF has so far been related only to one geneand in about 50% of cases,a genetic diagnosiscannot be established. For that reason, the researchers in the present project will look for new genes involved in FMF by analyzing the DNA coding sequences (exome) of about 20 patients who are negative for the known mutations in the FMF gene.

This research projectwill also includescientific visitsformaster students(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Master Program) to the molecular genetics laboratories at the Sorbonne University with the aim to acquire practicalskills in scientific research and to get more insight into the latest technologies of molecular genetics.

The researchers of this project hope that this work will allow the identification of new genes involved in FMF, which will provide an objective diagnostic test for patients leading to a fast and accuratediagnosis. This should also accelerate the administration of proper therapy. Scientific outcomes will also lead tothe progress of scientific knowledge and translate it into benefits for health and value for society.

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