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SCORE/PMSA and Medical College Student Research Club organized the first Student Research Day for this year

The SCORE/PMSA committee at Al-Quds University completed an activity entitled “The Research Day” on November 21st for medical students at Al-Quds University. During  the “Research Day” two training workshops were conducted by members of the  Student Research Club at the Medical college, Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and How to Read a Research Paper. This was followed by two motivational speeches  by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Salibi, a recent graduate of AQU Medical College and Dr. Elham Kateeb, the Dean of Scientific Research at AQU,  to emphasize the importance of  conducting research while being an undergraduate.

In her talk, Dr. Kateeb explained the role of the Deanship of SR in supporting students research and the mechanisms it uses to help students in research implementation and article publishing. Dr. Kateeb also invited the students to apply for the Undergraduate Research Conference next year to use this important opportunity to show off their research skills. 

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