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Scientific session dedicated to educate students on what makes up effective curriculum vitae

JERUSALEM | In line with its mission to elevate Al-Quds University students’ academic and research capacities, the Deanship of Scientific Research recently held a scientific session that was dedicated to spot what makes up a successful curriculum vitae.

Presented by the Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Elham Khatib, the info training session highlighted the key role an effective CV plays in qualifying the applicant for admittance to a highly competitive university program and receiving scholarship grant. Dr. Khatib also stressed the importance of well-developed CV in providing both undergraduate and graduate students with ample opportunities to join the labor market or participate in scientific events.

Dr. Elham Khatib drew the attention of the students in attendance to specific details they extremely need to incorporate in their CVs, which are usually appreciated by the people in charge for evaluating applicants based on their submissions.

It is worth noting that Al-Quds University assigns great importance to its students’ formal writing skills and research works. The undergraduate research clubs it established last year aspire to collaborate with national and international peers to further foster students’ writing and research skills through joint workshops and seminars and students and scholars exchanges in the various disciplines of knowledge.

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