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Education faculty member among the highly cited Arab researchers according to e-Marefa index

JERUSALEM | Professor Mahmoud Abu Samra, of the Faculty of Education at Al-Quds University, ranked in the top 3% highly cited researchers in the Arab world for the year 2018 according to the Arab Citation and Impact Factor (Arcif).

Abu Samra, Professor in Educational Administration, competed with some 6912 Arab authors whose publications were identified the most influential by the Arab Citation and Impact Factor (Arcif), known as Marefa, those who won recognition in the form of high citation between 2012 and 2016.  

Marefa has collected and studied over 4000 scientific and research titles in various disciplines, published in Arabic, English, French, or multi-lingual, and issued by nearly 1400 scientific or research bodies from 20 Arab countries. Of these, only 362 scientific journals were approved in the 2018 report, for having met the standards of Arcif.

The impact factor for an academic or research journal is a scale used to indicate the relative importance of refereed scientific journals and their impact within their fields. It reflects the extent to which new research relates to researches previously published in the journal and cites them within a certain period of time.

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