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Spanish engineer Adrian Hernandi talks about his experience in dental implants from the heart of Al Quds University

Jerusalem| Scientific Research Deanship at Al- Quds University hosted the Spanish engineer Adrian Hernandi to talk about his successful experience in manufacturing an innovative device, the most accurate in the world in the field of dental implants, during a scientific meeting.

The Assistant President for Research and Development and Innovation Dr. Issam Ishaq explained that this meeting comes in line with the University's strategy of spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and creativity, which aims to inform the students of Al- Quds University on global successful models in various disciplines and fields.

He added: “Since its establishment, Al-Quds University has been a leading university with excellence. Since its founding, it has established several unique academic colleges and programs such as the first bilateral studies program in the Middle East in addition to Al-Quds Bard College which is the product of an academic partnership with Bard College in New York, United States of America.”

Dr. Ishaq also pointed to the establishment of the University recently as the incubator of entrepreneurship in the city of Jerusalem to serve the community of Jerusalem and the advancement of the Palestinian economy, as well as the course of leadership and creativity that the University will offer to its students to motivate them to crystallize their creative ideas for businesses that generate profits and serve the community.

In turn, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Dr. Mohammed Abu Younis said that hosting this pioneering engineer to talk about the most accurate device in the world in the field of dental implants, comes in the context of learning about the latest technological developments and techniques used in dentistry to keep abreast of what is new in this area globally for the advancement of Palestine.

It’s noteworthy to mention that Hernandi's life story is a global success story. He moved from being a company employee to become a founder and a chairman of another company knows as Pic Dental, which manufactures the latest dental implants around the world. His will and determination enabled him to invest in his creative ideas and specialization in the field of industrial and mechanical engineering.

It is noteworthy as well to mention that Al-Quds University has a long history in the teaching of dentistry, using advanced equipment in its laboratories as well as in the external clinics of the university, to graduate doctors in oral and dental surgery armed with knowledge and skills that enable them to excel in the local and international labor market.

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