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AQU Researchers Assess New and Innovative Technology to Grade Students’ Dental Work

A team of researchers from Al-Quds University, Faculty of Dental Medicine investigated the effectiveness of using an innovative technology, used for the first time in the region of the Middle East, in students’ dental pre-clinical work evaluation and grading. The accurate assessment of dental students' pre-clinical work is the most critical component of the dental education process. Thus, Al-Quds University, dental school sought to have an objective way to assess students’ dental skills by using a new software that has the ability to grade students crown preparation by compare students’ work to a gold standard work selected by the supervising faculty.

The research done on 96 preparations done by the students in their 4th year and used very sophisticated statistical methods to assess the validity and the reliability of this grading methods. The researchers concluded that the digital grading system used in this study can reliably scan and compare students’ tooth preparations to a known gold standard and can  preclude the variability and the subjectivity that usually result from the traditional visual inspection grading.

The study results were published in the European Journal of Dental Education. Researchers who worked on this project were Elham Kateeb, Mudar Kamal, Ahed Qadamani , Raed Abu Hantash and Musab Abu Arqoub from Faculty of Dental Medicine.

For more info about this research project, please visit this link.

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