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Ceremony of Students’ Research Clubs inauguration highlights plans for promoting applicable researches

JERUSALEM | Under the patronage of President Professor Imad Abu Kishek,  Al-Quds University celebrated the inauguration of  its recently launched Students’  Research Clubs, an initiative  dedicated to engage students into the university’s scientific research effort.

In his keynote address in the ceremony, President Abu Kishk said the launch of the Students’ Research Clubs is in line with the university's policy of creating a research-oriented environment to help students foster their research skills through integrating both students’ endeavors and faculties’ experiences on the basis of well-defined standards. He added that the university, these days, “is forging a paramount program of incentives to motivate its different background researchers”.

Stressing the immediate need for applying a proper mechanism for assisting students from different majors in producing methodological graduation researches, Abu Kushak pointed to the university’s project of the Multidisciplinary Capstone Course which is sponsored by the Korean Agency for International Cooperation in collaboration with both the Palestine Leaders and Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology. “This project aspires to qualify students’ graduation projects to be applicable in the domestic market and to ultimately contribute to national economical growth.”

Abu Kishek drew on “the safe and sound space” required to accomplish applicable scientific researches through close cooperation with leading international organizations. He also highlighted the vital role of the university’s Business Hub and the Jerusalem Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology in the economic empowerment of youths.

Dean of Scientific Research Dr. Elham Khatib explained that the research clubs will carry out several curricular and non-curricular activities which are expected to boost students’ research skills by holding training courses and research contests, and through encouraging students and faculty to exchange research experiences. In this respect, Dr. Khatib pointed out that the different colleges had appointed supervisors for the multidisciplinary research teams already formed.  

Dean of Students’ Affairs Dr. Abdul Raof Al-Sennawi, for his part, noted that the Students’ Research Clubs will be a good example to follow by other Palestinian universities for the big role they will play in promoting a unique culture of teamwork.

Inviting other students to join these clubs and participate in their designated activities, the students already involved talked about their previous experiences, expressing hopes to carry out successful researches in the future.

It is worth noting that the project of the Students’ Research Clubs at Al-Quds University was originally jointly-proposed by the offices of Scientific Research and Students’ Affairs.  Several regular meetings and info training workshops for the students engaged have been so far organized.

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