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The Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative Celebrates Women in Science on the International Women’s Day

In celebration of the International Woman’s Day 2018, and to emphasize the leading role of women in societal development, woman scientists at the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative (PNI) at Al-Quds University were featured in a series of posts on the PNI’s Facebook group ( 

The PNI highlighted the key contributions of woman scientists in leading and building infrastructure for neuroscience research in Palestine.  These efforts represent one of the core missions of the PNI; the empowerment of Palestinian women in science.


The PNI was established at Al-Quds University in 2009.  Since its inception, the PNI trained tens of Palestinian students and researchers and published research in international scientific journals.  The PNI aims to create a powerhouse of neuroscience research in Palestine, train the next generation of Palestinian researchers and health-care professionals, and create a viable research institution in Palestine to host Palestinian and other neuroscientists to pursue research careers in Palestine.

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