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Medical Research Center Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Dr. Hisham Darwish / Director

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Al-Quds University Center for Health and Biomedical Research Al-Quds University - Jerusalem - Palestine

The center will join researchers in the various health sectors from different faculties including medicine, dentistry, public health, pharmacy, biological sciences and health professions to conduct biomedical research and community services. The center will currently focus on three major fields: neuroscience, diabetes and osteoporosis. Other related fields will be added to the center in the future.

Major Goals of the Center

  1. Carry out health research projects in areas that are vital for the Palestinian population (neuroscience, diabetes, and osteoporosis).
  2. Provide vital information to formulate public health policies to improve diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention.
  3. Provide consultation and training services for health providers.

Fields and Activities of the Center

  1. Scientific research in neuroscience, diabetes and osteoporosis.
  2. Training of graduate and undergraduate students for their master theses and graduation projects).
  3. Provide training for health workers and consultation for health policy makers.
  4. Collaborate with local and international institutions in the indicated fields.
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