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Nanotechnology Research Laboratory (NRL)


Nanotechnology is a revolution of endless possibilities. It is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale. The Nanotechnology Research Laboratory was established in the year 2006 by Prof. Mukhles Sowwan through generous support from Al-Quds University and the German Research Foundation (DFG). Currently, the laboratory is  small charectrization unit for  imaging and manipulation of nanomaterials. The experiments conducted in the lab allow researchers of all levels (graduate and undergraduate) to advance in nanotechnology, and gain experience with nanotechnology tools and characterization techniques such as Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Differential scanning calorimeter, UV-Vis and Fluorescence spectroscopy. In the future, we hope to add additional characterization tools such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and setup a fabrication unit for the design and synthesis of 0D, 1D and 2D materials.

Location: College of Education Building ground floor (2003)


  • Prof. Mukhles Sowwan (On leave) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Maryam Faroun This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • VOIP number: 6177

Former Students:

  • Riham Muzaffar: Currently PhD Candidate at the Institute of Chemistry Department. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Lena Qawasmi: Currently PhD Candidate at Developmental Biology and Cancer Research Department. The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School.
  • Abeer Karmi: Currently PhD Candidate at the Chemistry institute and the Center of Nanotechnology. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Mai Al-Maghalsah: PhD Degree in Nanotechnology and Science/ major in Nano-Physics. The National Tsing HUA University.
  • Shayma Habboush: ICT Engineer. Sheikh Zayed Private Academy For Girls
  • Imad Ibrahim: Scientist at the NaMLab GmbH. SiNW group. Dresden, Germany.
  • Ali Attawnah: Ministry of Education-Palestine.

Selected Publications of Prof. Sowwan (last 5 years):

  1. Formation Mechanism of Fe Nanocubes by Magnetron Sputtering Inert Gas Condensatin. Zhao J, Baibuz E, Vernieres J, Grammatikopoulos P, Jansson V, Nagel M, Steinhauer S, Sowwan M, Kuronen A, Nordlund K, Djurabekova F. ACS Nano ( 2016);10(4):4684-94.
  2. Hydrogenation of Mg Nanofilms Catalyzed by Size-Selected Pd Nanoparticles: Observation of Localized MgH 2 Nanodomains. Kumar S, Singh V, Cassidy C, Pursell C, Nivargi C, Clemens B, Sowwan M. Journal of Catalysis (2016);337:14-25.
  3. Kinetic Trapping Through Coalescence and the Formation of Patterned Ag–Cu Nanoparticles.Grammatikopoulos P, Kioseoglou J, Galea A, Vernieres J, Benelmekki M, Diaz RE, Sowwan M. Nanoscale  (2016);8(18):9780-90.
  4. Control of Surface Segregation in Bimetallic NiCr Nanoalloys Immersed in Ag Matrix. Bohra M, Singh V, Grammatikopoulos P, Toulkeridou E, Diaz RE, Bobo JF, Sowwan M. Scientific Reports (2016);6:19153(8pp).
  5. Surface Segregation in Chromium-Doped NiCr Alloy Nanoparticles and its Effect on their Magnetic Behavior. Bohra M, Grammatikopoulos P, Diaz RE, Singh V, Zhao J, Bobo JF, Kuronen A, Djurabekova F, Nordlund K, Sowwan M. Chemistry of Materials (2015);27(9):3216-25.
  6. Crystallization of Silicon Nanoclusters with Inert Gas Temperature Control. Zhao J, Singh V, Grammatikopoulos P, Cassidy C, Aranishi K, Sowwan M, Nordlund K, Djurabekova F. Physical Review B. (2015) 15;91(3):035419(12pp).
  7. On the Formation of Ternary Metallic-Dielectric Multicore-Shell Nanoparticles by Inert-Gas Condensation Method. Benelmekki M, Vernieres J, Kim JH, Diaz RE, Grammatikopoulos P, Sowwan M. Materials Chemistry and Physics (2015); 151:275-81.
  8. Heterogeneous Gas-Phase Synthesis and Molecular Dynamics Modelling of Janus and Core–Satellite Si–Ag Nanoparticles. Singh V, Cassidy C, Grammatikopoulos P, Djurabekova F, Nordlund K, Sowwan M. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2014); 118(25):13869-75.
  9. A Facile Single-Step Synthesis of Ternary Multicore Magneto-Plasmonic Nanoparticles. Benelmekki M, Bohra M, Kim JH, Diaz RE, Vernieres J, Grammatikopoulos P, Sowwan M. Nanoscale (2014); 6(7):3532-5.
  10. Coalescence-Induced Crystallisation Wave in Pd Nanoparticles. Grammatikopoulos P, Cassidy C, Singh V, Sowwan M. Scientific Reports (2014); 4:5779(9pp).
  11. Coalescence Behaviour of Amorphous and Crystalline Tantalum Nanoparticles: a Molecular Dynamics Study. Grammatikopoulos P, Cassidy C, Singh V, Benelmekki M, Sowwan M. Journal of Materials Science (2014); 49(11):3890-7.
  12. Assembly of Tantalum Porous Films with Graded Oxidation Profile from Size-Selected Nanoparticles. Singh V, Grammatikopoulos P, Cassidy C, Benelmekki M, Bohra M, Hawash Z, Baughman KW, Sowwan M. Journal of Nanoparticle Research (2014); 16(5):2373(10pp).
  13. Single-Step Gas Phase Synthesis of Stable Iron Aluminide Nanoparticles with Soft Magnetic Properties. Vernieres J, Benelmekki M, Kim JH, Grammatikopoulos P, Bobo JF, Diaz RE, Sowwan M. APL materials (2014);2(11):116105(6pp).
  14. Smart Composite Nanosheets with Adaptive Optical Properties. Kim JH, Bohra M, Singh V, Cassidy C, Sowwan M. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2014); 6(16):13339-43.
  15. Endotaxially Stabilized B2-FeSi Nanodots in Si (100) via Ion Beam Co-Sputtering. Cassidy C, Kioseoglou J, Singh V, Grammatikopoulos P, Lal C, Sowwan M. Applied Physics Letters (2014); 104(16):161903(5pp).
  16. Influence of Packaging on the Surface Oxidation and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Nanocrystals. Bohra M, Singh V, Sowwan M, Bobo JF, Chung CJ, Clemens B. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2014); 47(30):305002(6pp).
  17. Inoculation of Silicon Nanoparticles with Silver Atoms. Cassidy C, Singh V, Grammatikopoulos P, Djurabekova F, Nordlund K, Sowwan M. Scientific Reports  (2013); 3:3083(7pp).

Contributed publications (last 5 years):

  1. Spectroscopic Investigation of Procaine Interaction with Human Serum Albumin Husain Alsamamra, Imtiaz Khalid, Rania Alfaqeh, Maryiam Faroun, Musa Abuteir and Saqer Darwish. Journal of Biomedical Sciences (2018).
  2. Copper selenide film electrodes prepared by combined electrochemical/chemical bath depositions with high photoelectrochemical conversion efficiency and stability. Ahed Zyoud, Khaled Murtada, Hansang Kwon, Hyun-Jong Choi, Tae Woo Kim, Mohammed H.S. Helal, Maryam Faroun, Heba Bsharat, DaeHoon Park, Hikmat S.Hilal.  Solid State Sciences (2017).
  3. Preparation and Characterization of Carvedilol-Loaded Poly(D,L) Lactide Nanoparticles/Microparticles as a Sustained Release System. Mohyeddin AssaliAbdel Naser ZaidMajd Bani-OdehMaryam FarounRiham MuzaffarHassan Sawalha. International Journal of polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials (2017).
  4. Enhanced PEC characteristics of pre-annealed CuS film electrodes by metalloporphyrin/polymer matrices. Ahed Zyoud, Rana S. Alkerm, Rola S. Alkerm, Doa’ H. Abdelhadi, DaeHoon Park, Mohammed H.S. Helal, Guy Campet, Reham W. Muthaffar, Hansang Kwon, and Hikmat S. Helal. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2016).
  5. Non-Covalent Functionalization of Graphene Sheets with Surfactants and their Antibacterial Activity. Mohyeddin Assali, Ameera Mousa, Saja Thiab, Maha Al-ott, Adham Abu Taha, Maryam Faroun, Pablo Romero Gomez. Palestinian Medical and Pharmaceutical Journal (2016).
  6. Spectroscopic Investigations of β-Amyloid Interactions with Propofol and L-Arginine. Saqer M. Darwish, Shurook Y. Aiaidah, Imtiaz M. Khalid, Musa M. Abuteir, Lena Qawasmi. Open Journal of Biophysics (2015).
  7. Enhancement of CdSe film electrode PEC characteristicsby metalloporphyrin/polysiloxane matrices. Huda Sabri, Subhi Saleh, Ahed Zyoud, Nour N. Abdel-Rahman, Iyad Saadeddin,Guy Campet, DaeHoon Park, Mariam Faroun, Hikmat S. Hilal.. Electrochimica Acta (2014).
  8. Combined electrochemical/chemical bath depositions to prepare CdS film electrodes with enhanced PEC characteristics. Ahed ZyoudIyad ,SaadeddinSahar KhurdujMu’men Mari’e, Zafer M. HawashMaryam I. Faroun, Guy Campet, DaeHoon Park, Hikmat S. Hilal.. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry (2013).
  9. Functional Π-conjugated polymers based on maleimide for photovoltaic applications. Ramona Gironda, Luciano Miozzo, Denis Tondelier, Marc Chaigneau, Jamal Ghabboun, Maryam Faroun, Antonio Papagni, Marco Matteo Salamone,Riccardo Ruffo, Abderrahim Yassar. Organic Photonics and Photovoltaics. (2013).


  1. Atomic Force Microscope.
  2. Atomic Force Microscope Attocube System
  3. Cryogenic probe station.
  4. Differential Scanning Calorimetry.
  5. UV Nanodrop
  6. Nanodrop Fluorospectrometer.
  7. Spin Coater.
  8. Sputter Coater.
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