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Dr. Hazem Doufesh: Effects of Muslims praying (Salat) on EEG gamma activity

Field of Research: N/A

Name of author) (s): Hazem Doufesh, Fatimah Ibrahim and Mohammad Safari

Title of published work: “Effects of Muslims praying (Salat) on EEG gamma activity”

Name of Journal: Journal of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice

Year: 2016

Volume: 24

Pages: 6-10

Publisher: ELSEVIER


This study investigates the difference of mean gamma EEG power between actual and mimic Salat practices in twenty healthy Muslim subjects. In the actual Salat practice, the participants were asked to recite and performing the physical steps in all four stages of Salat; whereas in the mimic Salat practice, they were instructed to perform only the physical steps without recitation. The gamma power during actual Salat was statistically higher than during mimic Salat in the frontal and parietal regions in all stages. In the actual Salat practice, the left hemisphere exhibited significantly higher mean gamma power in all cerebral regions and all stages, except the central-parietal region in the sitting position, and the frontal area in the bowing position. Increased gamma power during Salat, possibly related to an increase in cognitive and attentional processing, supports the concept of Salat as a focus attention meditation.


Muslims prayer; Meditation; Salat; Electroencephalography (EEG); Gamma power.

Contact author (s):

Name: Hazem Doufesh, PhD.

Address: Department of Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Quds University

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.