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Goals & Objectives

The Deanship of Scientific Research seeks to meet a number of goals that it tries to achieve via the following means:

  • First: Strengthen research capacity at AQU. This objective can be achieved through the following:

  • Second: Encouraging, motivating and supporting researchers at AQU to increase the quality and the quantity of research projects. This goal can be achieved via the following:  

  • Third: The continuous communication via all means with researchers and community. This goal is achieved via the following:

  • Fourth: Improving the existent AQU research database. This goal can be achieved via the following:

  • Fifth: Actualizing the relationship between the university and the local community via research directions that serve that community. This goal can be achieved via the following:

  • Sixth: Ensuring the quality of scientific research produced in AQU. This goal can be achieved in collaboration with the AQU scientific research evaluation committee via the following:

  • Seventh: Continuing the work in the Student Research Program (SRP) in scientific colleges and extending it to the humanities’ colleges:

  • Eighth: In collaboration with the Deanship of Academic Affairs, the Deanship of Scientific Research suggests developing a unified research methodology course that is introduced early in the students study to allow them to conduct a research project before graduation (Capstone experience). This course should be taken seriously and should end with a research project that conforms to all research standards.

  • Ninth: Establishing a respectful academic journal that focuses on Jerusalem issues. This goal is achieved via the following:

  • Tenth: In collaboration with the counsel of scientific research, encouraging research activities at a college level such as:

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